Success Stories

I was regularly visiting an osteopath, either fortnightly or sometimes on a bi-monthly basis, as I was born with a muscle disease which, whilst not degenerative, means I have defects to my hands and feet that have required multiple surgery. As a result, my posture is out of line and I have weakness and stiffness in my joints. I had reservations about joining a class as I was worried I would not be able to do the exercises, and had low self confidence in being able to participate well in any kind of sport. However, I have found the experience with Wendy to be wonderful! She made me feel comfortable and I trusted her very quickly. I now have so much more confidence in doing Pilates and adapting exercises to suit my body and my ability. The routines always feel fresh and well thought out. Wendy is an inspiring teacher. The best result for me is being able to look after my own body and I now visit my osteopath very rarely, only once or twice a year!

Melissa (Orpington) – started Pilates in 2009

Before I started Pilates, I had always suffered with reoccurring  back pain, with painful sciatic pain so bad that sometimes I could not move.  I also had bad posture with rounded shoulders and my head thrust forward.   My GP and several back specialists recommended that I try Pilates.  I have found that with Wendy’s knowledge of Pilates, the way she demonstrates and talks through the exercises has made me understand not only how to do the exercises well  but has also taught me to become body aware and therefore I have been able to self correct my posture.  There have been many benefits from Pilates, better posture which has also helped me with my dancing and  body awareness, but the best result for me is being free from back pain and a much stronger core

Mino (Locksbottom) – started Pilates in 2012

Before I started Pilates I had some OK days and some awful days with my back problem. My Pilates class has taught me how to manage my condition and relieve aches and pains and feel so much better for doing this. I had been worried whether my Pilates teacher would be able to relate to me one to one, understand my medical condition and advise me on personal exercises just for me to help me improve things. In fact it has been amazing – Pilates is a God send!! Plus I have confidence in Wendy’s advice. She is aware of each individual’s aches and pains and advises them accordingly. The best result for me is pain relief in a big way! Plus other helpful exercises in a relaxed and happy environment.

love my Pilates class!

Pam (Green Street Green) – started Pilates in 2005

I was fairly fit and active but recovering from a double fracture to my foot and ankle. I had some postural issues due to years of being self conscious of my height, and also a lack of core strength. I had enjoyed yoga for years and then tried Pilates in a large class but I just didn’t get it! My physiotherapist recommended that I try Wendy’s class to aid with recovery from my injury. From the individual assessment at the outset, I was impressed by Wendy’s knowledge and understanding of the body, as well as the attention to detail and the tailor-made programme to suit my needs. It inspired me to practice regularly and enjoy the process. There have been many benefits but the best result has been to develop a better awareness and appreciation of my body across my daily living, not just in class. This has been of huge benefit over time in improving my posture and strength.

Ann (Sundridge Park) – started Pilates in 2009

I was suffering with lower back problems which were quite severe at times and I’d just been diagnosed with arthritis in my left hip, which was also causing pain when I walked. I wasn’t sure whether I would like Pilates and if Wendy would be any good as a teacher.   The process of working with Wendy has been fantastic! The fact that she explains everything so that I understand how to move correctly to get the maximum benefit really helps. I love the ‘hands on’ correction approach and the way that Wendy encourages me to challenge myself. The fact that my hip doesn’t hurt and I can still move without pain in my lower back is a direct result of doing Pilates – I hate to think what I’d be like without it!

Sarah (Bromley) – started Pilates in 2007